Local Plan 2040 Draft Plan - Strategy options and draft policies consultation

Representation ID: 4154

Received: 30/08/2021

Representation Summary:

The site at Dennybrook expanded in area by around 25% after the call for sites closed to engulf the hamlets of Honeydon and Begwary. We were informed only 8 months after the call for sites closed about this expansion which left only 4 weeks for residents to consider this and seek advice before the consultation on the Draft Local Plan openened. Duloe Field (site 3420) was also submitted after the deadline. We do not believe sites submitted after the deadline should be considered and certainly not very large sites submitted 8 months after the deadline.

Full text:

we feel the call for sites initially showed Dennybrook (site 977) as a much smaller site beyond the boundaries of Honeydon. We were only informed in May 2021 (an astonishing 8 months after the call for sites closed) that the site boundary had expanded by approximately 25% to engulf the whole of the hamlet of Honeydon and Begwary and ending 30 metres from my boundary and identified as one of the main access points on an unclassified road with blind junction. The new site showed many existing homes surrounded on all sides by housing estates. Therefore we believe that the call for sites was not conducted in an open and transparent manner. Residents only had one month to gather their thoughts about this enormous new development of up to 10,800 homes which engulfed their properties before the draft consultation opened. We do not believe this is a fair consultation for them.