Local Plan 2040 Draft Plan - Strategy options and draft policies consultation

Representation ID: 4303

Received: 31/08/2021

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The call for sites process was a sham and undemocratic. Site 977 (Dennybrook) was substantially enlarged after the so called time limit had expired. Local residents were only notified of the enlargement when the 'Vision Document' was quietly released in late May 2021, eight months after the cut off date, and were horrified to discover that the revision meant that their homes would be entirely surrounded by new development. We could, of course, have continued to consult the 'call for sites' webpage after the final submission date had ended but naively thought that there was no need to do so as the date was 'final'. Late notification has severely restricted the ability of local people, during a pandemic, to raise money, discuss the proposal and so ensure their views are put to the Council by 3 September. And I bet the 3 September deadline for this consultation is a date you will actually stick to.