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Local Plan 2040 Draft Plan - Strategy options and draft policies consultation

Representation ID: 7775

Received: 22/09/2021

Respondent: Lance Feaver

Representation Summary:

B Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment (GTAA) Final Report.
According to the definition on page 52, unauthorised development means “Caravans on land owned by Gypsies and Travellers and without planning permission”. I believe that the inclusion in Appendix D: Sites and Yards of the “Waiting for the Sun” site as an unauthorised development is misleading. Even with the footnote explaining the site is “currently unoccupied”. This site has been the subject of much controversy, and several enforcement notices, and Bedford Borough Council obtained an injunction, issued by the High Court in 2017, which remains in existence and required that the land should not be used for the “stationing of residential caravans, mobile homes and other forms of residential accommodation”. On this basis it seems that it should be removed from Appendix D.