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Site Assessment Pro Formas

Representation ID: 3767

Received: 23/08/2021

Respondent: Mr Barry Morse

Representation Summary:

Backland development on this field will have an adverse impact on the special rural character of the designated Conservation Area.

The access is a single track with no splay and limited visibility to the west.

It is unsuitable for large vehicles (e.g. bin lorries) and emergency vehicles.

A rural Right of Way runs the length of the access and across the proposed site. Any hardcover of the RoW would adversely affect its rural character.

The High Street is used by very large farm vehicles and widening a section of the footway would further narrow the highway.


Site Assessment Pro Formas

Representation ID: 3809

Received: 26/08/2021

Respondent: Mr David Holme

Representation Summary:

This site sits within a Conservation Area of a historic village in Bedfordshire and as such will have a clear detrimental impact on the special character of the village.

There are no existing services in this village (schools, shops, businesses) and therefore all new residents will add incremental traffic to the village.

The access road will necessitate traffic within 10 feet of our property, a Grade II listed timber framed house.

The access is narrow, limiting accommodation between the existing public footpath and vehicles, as well as restricting access for bin lorries, fire engines, ambulances or plant vehicles.


Site Assessment Pro Formas

Representation ID: 5068

Received: 02/09/2021

Respondent: Mr Clive Seddon

Representation Summary:

We object to the application on the ground that the site has very limited access to the High Street and will impact a well used public footpath in a conversation area.