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Representation ID: 8500

Received: 27/09/2021

Respondent: Gladman Developments Ltd

Representation Summary:

Gladman  are  promoting  Land  North  West  of  Hall  End  Road,  Wootton  for  residential  development. The site measures approximately 3.84 hectares in size and can accommodate around 90 dwellings. A location plan is included below.
The site comprises one pastoral field and part of another, separated by a newly installed ditch leading from the balancing pond of the adjacent development at Latimer Close.
The site can accommodate approximately 90 dwellings of mixed housing types and sizes designed to minimise impacts on nearby residents, heritage assets, landscape views and respecting the character of the local area. New Vehicular Access is indicated from Hall End Road with a number of pedestrian and cycle links to Hall End Road, the John Bunyan Trail and the National Cycle Route.
Existing vegetation will be retained as much as possible with additional planting throughout the  site  to  create  a  landscape  buffer  and  green  corridor,  alongside  a  large  proportion  of  open space including a children’s play area for both new and existing residents.
Wootton is well‐served by a range of services and facilities, the majority of which are within a  10  minutes  walking  distance  of  the  Site.  These  include  a  primary  school,  a  secondary  school, library, village hall, public houses, convenience stores, post office and public houses. Wootton’s designation as a ‘Key services centre’ by the Bedford Borough Local Plan reflects the  fact  that  it  contains  a  good  range  of  services  and  is  well  connected  to  larger  town centres by regular public transport to a number of nearby settlements, including Bedford and Milton Keynes
Gladman’s ecologist has considered impact on biodiversity, as raised in Bedford Borough’s assessment of site 603 at Wootton. Other key points:
The site is not within or adjoining a site of nature conservation.
Whether the site is within an area where protected species are known or likely to exist.
The site is within an area where protected species are known or likely to exist. However, with the implementation of some straightforward mitigation and precautionary measures as proposed above, the development is not anticipated to result in any significant residual negative effects to important ecological features.
Is there potential to achieve a net gain in biodiversity.
Based on the biodiversity metric 3.0 calculations, the proposed development (inclusive of on‐site intervention) would result in an overall gain. These gains can be evidenced through the  ecological  report,  which  can  be  shared  with  Bedford  Borough,  should  they  so  wish.  These are initial calculations and are subject to further changes.
Able to link into the green infrastructure opportunity network.
The site currently lies outside the green infrastructure network as per the Bedford Green Infrastructure Plan (2009). However, the Development Framework Plan has been designed to retain, enhance and compensate all habitats of principal importance. For example, the loss  of  10‐15m  of  hedgerow  has  been  compensated  with  the  planting  of  290m  of  new  species rich hedgerow.
These new hedgerows, the retention and enhancement of the wet ditch and the area of green space in the north section of the site, are positioned to extend the current network of linked habitat and maintain a significant biodiverse corridor to the wider area. This will serve to meet local BAP targets.
It  is  deemed  that  with  the  implementation  of  some  straightforward  mitigation  and  precautionary measures, as proposed above, the development is not anticipated to result in any significant residual negative effects to important ecological features. A considered Development  Framework  Plan  can  deliver  significant  ecological  mitigation  and  enhancements through the retention of linear features and the incorporation of species diverse grassland, SUDS features and tree planting.
Archaelology and Heritage
The Heritage England Map identifies that there are no heritage assets on or near to the site. The Wootton conservation area is not affected by the site.
Transport and Highways
In  order  to  encourage  sustainable  transport,  Gladman  is  open  to  considering  the  suggestions put forward by Bedford Borough, including the introduction of a pedestrian crossing, widening the existing footpath, and construction of a cycle lane. This is subject to a full transport assessment, as Bedford Borough identify, and any junction improvements recommended by highways consultants will be carried out to ensure safe and convenient access into and out of the site.