Site ID: 682

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Representation ID: 6053

Received: 09/09/2021

Respondent: x Gates/Kitchiner

Agent: Phillips Planning Services

Representation Summary:

Our client controls the Land South of Keeley Lane, Wootton, which is being promoted through the Call For Sites Process, Site ID 682. This site has been promoted for up to 25 dwellings in line with the emergence of the Neighbourhood Plan, but has capacity for up to 90 dwellings.

Part of the site has an allocation for residential development in the Draft Wootton Neighbourhood Plan for 20 dwellings. Our client confirms that they are fully supportive of releasing the land for this purpose. They would also like to highlight that there is more land available in this location which has already been assessed as being sustainable and suitable for new residential development. This would be suitable for the further growth identified in this location in three of the preferred options - 2a, 2b, and 2d and additional numbers could follow on from the development of the 20 dwellings allocated in the Neighbourhood Plan. Our client has already made such representations under the Regulation 16 stage consultation, and we would contend that in identifying the land, it would be logical and sensible to re-evaluate the capacity of identified sites, going forward, to look at where more efficient use of that land could minimise the release of additional land elsewhere.

Wootton, is a highly sustainable settlement and is recognised in the Bedford Borough Local Plan 2030 as a Key Service Centre. Within the village are a number of services accessible by foot including a primary school, a middle school, medical centre, two supermarkets, a post office, a church, and three public houses, as well as multiple employment opportunities. In addition to this there are several bus stops that offer services into Bedford. The site is therefore is a very sustainable rural location, with development contributing towards the long-term vitality of the settlement and viability of these services.

Furthermore, it is well recognised that villages and rural settlements such as this make for attractive locations for self-build plots. This in turn encourages self-build housing targets for the area to be met.

Finally, the Neighbourhood Plan process has worked well in Wootton and our client would be happy to work with the Parish Council to deliver more land if required.