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Representation ID: 6355

Received: 10/09/2021

Respondent: Bidwells

Agent: Bidwells

Representation Summary:

aylor Wimpey are promoting land west of Balls Lane for 150 dwellings, new public open space and associated infrastructure.
This site is circa 14 hectares. Of this area, it is proposed that around 10 hectares would be made available for green infrastructure for the benefit of the local community with the remainder delivering 150 dwellings and associated uses.
The site is subject to limited constraints i.e. topography, ecology, arboriculture, flood risk, heritage and landscape, as noted in previous representations in relation to the site and through the evidence submitted as part of a recent planning application.
The site is well related to the edge of Willington, has the ability to offer a significant benefit to local residents in the form of a large area of public open space and has no major constraints to development.
As with Wilstead, Willington is a sustainable settlement in the A421 corridor capable of facilitating further growth. Willington contains a number of day to day services including a primary school and post office/local store. Both of these are within walking distance of the site.
The village is served by public transport with routes 24 and 73 running along Bedford Road, providing access to Bedford town centre in the west and Biggleswade in the east. There is a regular service which can be accessed from bus stops within walking distance of the site
The site is within the A421 corridor which provides access to the key economic centres of Cambridge in the east and Milton Keynes in the west. Located to the west of the village, traffic an access the A421 without needing to travel through the centre of the village where the highway is more restricted.