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Received: 01/09/2021

Respondent: Martin Cavalier

Agent: Neame Sutton Limited

Representation Summary:

This section deals with De Merke’s site-specific promotion of Land East of Green Lane, Clapham. A Vision Document summarising the technical pack of assessments that are available has been provided at Appendix 1 and indicative masterplans for up to 100 homes and access drawings at Appendix 2.
The Site has recently been considered as a reasonable alternative in the Clapham Neighbourhood Plan Strategic Environmental Assessment. The Site was however part of a larger parcel able to accommodate in the region of 500 homes. Given the progression of the East- West Rail route, it has become increasingly obvious to the landowner, De Merke Estates, that a strategic allocation for 500 homes would not be possible with the rail route dissecting the site. A smaller area of the site, capable of around 100 homes has instead been progressed.
This master-plan of the site has been formed from advice from landscape and highways consultants and their respective specialist reports written in support of the site. The layout of the housing indicates that future access will be possible across De Merke’s Land ownership to allow further connections to land north east of Clapham (west of The Baulk).
The density of the residential development on the site is reflective of the local area and would provide in the region of 100homes in a policy compliant mix, including the delivery of affordable housing, in a sustainable location.
In summary, there are no environmental constraints to developing the site, which is currently tenanted agricultural land.
Along with delivering much needed homes and potential future access to land north-east of Clapham, the Site would deliver economic benefits such as:
• construction jobs
• ongoing site landscaping jobs
• Increased roles for companies managing SUDS, Foul Water, and Site Management and Maintenance
• Increased spending in the local area
• CIL payment to Local Authority and financial support to Parish Councils.