Site ID: 1389

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Site Assessment Pro Formas

Representation ID: 8468

Received: 27/09/2021

Respondent: Mrs G Hunt

Agent: DLP Planning Limited

Representation Summary:

The site was previously submitted to the Council for consideration as part of the Council’s ‘call for sites’ exercise in August 2020. The land area being promoted is shown below.
The site comprises an undeveloped parcel of land on the southern side of Northampton Road and is located to the west of Bromham and to the north of Stagsden. There is an existing access from an unnamed road that links with Northampton Road (A428). There is scope to improve and modernise this access or create a new access from Northampton Road.
The site is located within Flood Zone 1 and is not within a Conservation Area or subject to any other landscape designation. Also, there are no heritage assets on the site or within the vicinity of the site.
The site is considered to be suitable for a variety of different uses. The primary use proposed for the site is a rural exception scheme providing approximately 15 affordable houses with development being restricted to the north-western corner of the site to allow for a significant proportion of open space. As part of this, the site is also capable of accommodating an element of market housing and this could also be provided on site.
The site is also suitable for a range of other uses including B1/B2/B8 Use Classes, and even a leisure facility. However, a mixed form of development would appear the most logical form of development for the site as part of the Local Plan Review. A key part of the development proposals on this site is the provision of a significant amount of public open space, which could take the form of community allotments, a community orchard, or sports pitches etc. Due to the variety of uses that are suitable on site, the site is adaptable to the potentially changing needs of the Council as we move towards a post-Covid era. The provision of employment and leisure activities on site will create more jobs, further aiding the economic recovery.
The site is suitable for development and the landowner is committed to bringing it forward, such that it is available now.
Response to Borough Council’s Site Assessment Pro-Forma (Site ID: 1389)
Site Assessment Criteria
We have reviewed the Council’s assessment of the site and wish to make a number of comments below.
Within or adjoining the urban area or a defined settlement policy area boundary
Whilst the site is not within or adjoining the urban area or a settlement policy area (SPA), it should not be automatically excluded from consideration. The site is well connected to the main road network and in particular the A428, which is the main route between Bedford and Northampton. Furthermore, its location also makes the site suitable for a range of commercial, leisure and employment uses.
Protected Species
The Council’s assessment states that protected species have been recorded on the site. This could be addressed through an ecology survey and protected species surveys, if appropriate, and the recommendations and mitigation strategy could be incorporated into any development scheme.
Economic and Employment Opportunities
The site has the potential to increase economic and employment opportunities, which would be beneficial to the local economy. The site could provide for commercial development and employment generating uses.