Bedford Borough Corporate Plan

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Representation ID: 9356

Received: 28/07/2022

Respondent: Mr Glenn Hall

Representation Summary:

The Mayor and the majority party on the council are providing contradictory messages. Stating there is a climate emergency, but allowing the countryside to be destroyed with carbon heavy polluting construction and diesel trains adding to the carbon load in the environment

Full text:

Pg 10 - Climate Change Emergency – to deliver what we need to do across all our services to address climate change
Yet the council and mayor are heavily backing the EWR which plans to demolish houses around Midland Road Station and cut great gashes through the countryside of Bedford especially around Clapham, Brickhill, Ravensden, and Great Barford. Additionally the building of a railway with it's heavy use of concrete is a heavy carbon users, and this line will not be electrified and will run diesel trains, another heavy polluter. So the Mayor's policy is actually contributing to the climate crises rather than trying to alleviate it.

Pg 20 - The table and the Mayors commitment to the EWR are contradictory