Policy DM10 Non designated heritage assets

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Bedford Borough Local Plan 2040 Plan for Submission

Representation ID: 9699

Received: 26/07/2022

Respondent: Historic England

Representation Summary:

We welcome this new policy. It provides a helpful framework for the identification of non-designated heritage assets.
The main framework for decision making in relation to NDHA is still to be found in Policy 41S.


Bedford Borough Local Plan 2040 Plan for Submission

Representation ID: 9801

Received: 24/07/2022

Respondent: Mr George Davies

Legally compliant? Not specified

Sound? No

Duty to co-operate? Not specified

Representation Summary:

A Conservation Area is defined under section 69 of the Planning (Listed Buildings and
Conservation Areas) Act 1990 as an area ‘of special architectural or historic interest
the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance.' Local
planning authorities have a duty to designate such areas as conservation areas.
Section 71 of the Act requires local planning authorities ‘…to formulate and publish
proposals for the preservation and enhancement…’ of these conservation areas.
Section 72 gives local planning authorities a duty towards conservation areas in the
exercise of their planning functions, requiring that 'special attention shall be paid to
the desirability of preserving or enhancing the character and appearance of that
The National Planning Policy Framework 2012 includes government policies on the
historic environment in section 12. Paragraph 127 requires that 'when considering
the designation of conservation areas, local planning authorities should ensure that
an area justifies such status because of its special architectural or historic interest
and that the concept of conservation is not devalued through the designation of
areas that lack special interest.'
It is unclear how Conservation Areas fit into Local Plan 2040.
Bedford has 27 Conservation Areas excluding Bedford itself, which were mostly designated 50 years ago. eg Riseley January 1, 1975.
Only 5 have ever been appraised.
A Conservation Area Appraisal defines the special nature and distinctiveness of the area in order to enable well-founded decisions to be made about its future management.
It looks at the historical development of the area, historic buildings, spaces and structures still present and any issues which may affect its future preservation.
The appraisal is then used to produce a management plan which sets out the measures required to safeguard the future preservation of the character of the conservation area.
Without a clear and binding commitment to Appraise the other 22 Conservation Areas the 2040 plan is unsound.


Bedford Borough Local Plan 2040 Plan for Submission

Representation ID: 9823

Received: 25/07/2022

Respondent: Pertenhall & Swineshead Parish Council

Representation Summary:

Policy DM10 Non designated heritage assets – Policy to be welcomed.