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Local Plan 2040 Draft Plan - Strategy options and draft policies consultation

Representation ID: 5386

Received: 03/09/2021

Respondent: Mrs Gwendalyn Selo Skingley

Representation Summary:

Poor jobs, mostly insecure or not suitable for people
Brain drain
Poorly paid
Inaccessible transport links - always rely on cars to get to the sites.
Massive rethink needed.

Full text:

The employment options are very poor. You are trying to generate growth, mostly based on warehousing type jobs or jobs in social care. Both types are poorly paid and do not allow people to better themselves. You are creating a brain drain in Beford and not enticing employment for degree / masters / phd educated people who perhaps want to live and work in the local area. You are keeping wages low, but only approving land for warerhousing and logistics.
Furthermore these employment types are often insecure or through agency / contract. They are not suitable for people who may not be able to perform heavy lifting for example.
I'm really disappointed in Bedford's employment strategy overall


Local Plan 2040 Draft Plan - Strategy options and draft policies consultation

Representation ID: 6650

Received: 14/09/2021

Respondent: Bedford Borough Councillor

Representation Summary:

6.28: [6.2 – 6.8]
The recent proliferation of warehousing units, in particular in villages around the A421, such as Wootton and Wixams, suggests too great a reliance on this sector for economic development activity. While recognising that the switch from town centre to online retail requires additional warehousing capacity the Borough is failing to recognise the negatives for communities while gaining financial rewards for itself.
The over dependence on warehousing does not benefit local residents. Apart from the noise and safety issues of an endless train of HGV’s driving past their homes there is little or no local employment benefit. For example local residents were told that Innovation Park provide local jobs; it hasn’t; apart from being mainly poorly paid warehouse floor jobs the great majority of employees/agency workers do not come from the locality. This is not sustainable development and the reliance on road freight is at odds with the Borough’s stated climate change goals.
Accordingly we welcome the apparent change of emphasis as set out in Para 6.8. There needs to be much greater diversity with regard to economic development; too great a reliance on warehousing poses risks to the economic well-being of the Borough.