Homelessness & Rough Sleeping Strategy 2024 - 2029

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3. The Strategy

Our focus is to prevent homelessness occurring at the earliest opportunity through a range of initiatives, as well as tackling the wider causes of homelessness by strengthening partnerships with other agencies.

We will develop partnership-wide toolkits to ensure people who are at risk of homelessness can be efficiently and effectively supported to remain at home, or quickly be provided with a pathway to a place they can call home for good.

We will reduce the numbers of people that are already homeless and living in temporary housing by reviewing the supply of accommodation of all tenures; social housing, supported housing, private sector housing and low-cost home ownership.

The success of our Rough Sleeper Initiatives delivered since 2018, proves that co-ordinated partnership working lies at the heart of successfully preventing and relieving homelessness. We want to replicate this success by developing improved partnership working and suitable housing solutions for young people and families.

We know that the causes of homelessness are complex and cannot be tackled through the provision of housing alone. Preventing and reducing homelessness for people with multiple and complex needs continues to be our biggest challenge, particularly where some people's support needs, often borne from life trauma, have seemingly exhausted local options.

We will focus our actions on this vision over the next five years.


To help as many people as possible not lose the place they call home... ...ensuring anyone that is homeless can quickly access a suitable and safe place to rebuild their lives... ...whilst being supported through the journey, recover from the cause and ensure the experience is brief and non-recurrent.

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